Why ViperViper Facility Services is a premier, non-union company providing oil & gas facility construction, maintenance and turnarounds in Northern BC and Alberta. At Viper we take pride in our long standing, positive team culture. We strive to build long term, mutually beneficial relationships, which enable us to deliver superior consistency and results to all of our clients. We have a start to finish approach with our projects, beginning with an in house team of experienced project managers, skilled in various trades. On the majority of our turnarounds and projects we have acted as the prime contractor, using our employee base to fill many positions, and drawing from our large pool of experienced, local subcontractors to perform more specialized services. One of our key focuses is to continually diversify the services we are able to self-perform, furthering our ability to reduce costs and meet our client needs from beginning to end on every project.
We Put People's Safety And Wellbeing Ahead Of ProfitViper has an uncompromising safety culture ensuring our team and all of those around us get home safe at the end of the day. All of our people take pride in low incident rates, as we are empowered to ensure anyone can speak up if they feel a situation is unsafe. We have a leadership team completing on site inspections as well as an HSE supervisor on site to mentor the team. The Viper COR audit score is among the highest in the BC at 98%, this is a direct result of a team who value a strong safety program.
We Take That Extra StepQuality is always top of mind at Viper. We take great pride in our stringent ITP process. This process combined with our skillful, well trained QC Coordinators on site is crucial to the success of our Quality program. All information is meticulously tracked, reported and signed off on, so that we can maintain complete transparency for our clients. We are one of the only companies in Northern BC who are certified to complete vessel repairs due to our extensive knowledge and experience in this field.
We Mentor Great PeopleViper has a long term, skilled, and local management team with roots in our community. Our turnover rates are traditionally very low, as we have an excellent pool of local workers and contractors to source our work force from. Found work occurs more often than not on our projects, our team manages this work with as little impact to original schedule and budget as possible, working efficiently to maintain our highest standard.
We Are Stronger TogetherViper believes in supporting local communities through charities, sports, apprenticeship training and employment. Through hiring qualified and experienced local people, we have five members of management with First Nations background as well as 5% of our labourers. We have also succeeded in apprenticing and developing several tradespeople of local and Aboriginal background. In 2015, we established a high school scholarship program for First Nations students with intent to hire a number of these future role models as apprentices. We understand that developing our youth brings a fresh perspective to the industry and represents substantial opportunity for growth. Our support for the community shines through our partnership with the United Way, sponsorship of local sports teams and arts festivals.
We Consistently Do Things Right, Even When No One Is LookingOur team believes in the safety and environmental protection culture that we have built and go to great lengths to uphold our standard. We have a proven record with no spills, gas releases or orders from regulators. We are able to trust our people in the field to ensure they are doing the right things, using the safest methods, at all times.
We Do What We Commit ToAt the beginning of every project Viper will assign a dedicated Project Manager to see the job through from start to finish. Our scope development includes job & support plans, estimates, schedules and an organizational chart, we strive to ensure these schedules and budgets are built realistically so there are no surprises to our clients. We also provide project closure and facility start up support, to stand behind the work we do. Viper consistently completes projects within schedule, on or under budget, while maintaining our commitment to quality, safety and environmental protection.