Vessel Repairs & Alterations


Our team has the necessary skills to work on projects from small nozzle repair and damaged trays, to a major repair on a severely corroded 14 ft diameter amine regeneration tower at TMin. We know that it is critical for all vessel work to be completed efficiently, safely, with high quality and documented right the first time. Currently Viper is one of the only contractors with the experience as well as necessary BCSA and ABSA certifications to perform vessel repairs in NEBC and NEAB. We have extensive experience in this field and have our own registered ASME weld procedures which our confined space certified welders are tested to and experienced with. We can install lap or flush patches, do weld metal build up, repair or replace damaged tower components such as trays and demisters, repair metalizing coating plus much more all while working in compliance to codes, specs and regulations. All vessel repairs and alterations are overseen by certified welding inspectors and when required, mechanical engineers.