Turnaround & Project Planning


Whether it is a small compressor station outage or a major turnaround on a bcf/day giant, it is critical that the work is managed efficiently, safely, with high quality and low environmental impact and is done and documented right the first time. Starting with $100,000 turnarounds Viper has grown its program and business to accommodate $30 Million + turnarounds and expansions. We have a refined 4 phase turnaround program that consistently displays excellence in safety, quality, productivity, budget and schedule compliance. We continue to refine and streamline our turnaround processes and work closely with our clients to continue raising the bar. Our dedicated Project Management team is capable of 1000+ work order turnarounds, managing 300+ on site employees, all while maintaining our budget commitments to our client. Plant turnarounds present the highest risk to operators of any project, it pays to plan them properly to ensure the risks are mitigated. Let us show you how Viper can look after this for you with our proven program.