Vessel repair Work


Whether it is prefabricated spools, tie-ins or replacements in kind, it is critical that piping spools are built efficiently, safely, with high quality and fit the first time. Viper welders maintain B pressure certificates and current qualification to Viper’s ASME and CSA registered stainless and carbon steel weld procedures for pressure piping. Our certified and experienced pipefitters are also key to ensuring our spools are built to fit. We can provide fabrication, PWHT, NDE, hydro testing and coating services on site or in one of our fabrication yards and safely transport the spools to site. Viper works closely with different regulatory bodies including BCSA, ABSA and BCOGC to ensure the highest levels of compliance. It is also required that all of our Tradespeople, Project Managers and Inspectors have received comprehensive QC orientation, training and mentoring which ensures our capability to work on jobs anywhere from 50 to 50,000 weld inches required.