At Viper we know that the community around us is our greatest asset. We strive to be involved with our local and Aboriginal communities, building relationships and ensuring positivity in all of our professional and personal interactions. We choose to support the local communities through charities, sports, apprenticeship training and employment. Through hiring qualified and experienced local people, we have five members of management with First Nations background as well as 5% of our labourers.

British Columbia Ita

Viper has succeeded in apprenticing and developing several tradespeople of local and Aboriginal background. Because of these positive experiences we made the decision in 2015 to establish and provide continued support to a high school scholarship program for First Nations students with the intent to hire a number of these future role models as apprentices.  It is our belief that local youth be given equal opportunity to succeed so we ensure this scholarship is made available to students who may not have the same opportunities as their peers.  We understand that developing our youth brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the industry and represents substantial opportunity for growth.

United Way

Viper takes great pride in its support of the local United Way. Most recently we have taken part in the 2016 United Way of Northern BC Charity Golf Tournament, and we have prepared and completed an auction of concert tickets with all proceeds going towards the United Way. The auction is something we will definitely be repeating in the future as well as ensuring our team is involved with volunteer opportunities when we can. We believe the United Way is an integral part of our growing community, they create and support important initiatives, and have a positive impact on many individuals.

City of FSJ

We are committed to the health and well being of our youth and community as a whole. Over the years we have helped many young athletes achieve their goals through individual and team sponsorships. Viper has supported the Fort St John Hospital Foundation throughout the years as the foundation works to ensure that we have the best possible equipment at our hospital. We also understand the benefits of diversity and choose to support our developing arts community. In 2016 we supported Canolafest, a music festival featuring local musicians and artisans.